State Fair

2017 Schedule

We are in the process of uploading files to this page for State Fair 2017. Please make sure you have files dated for 2017 before using them.

State Fair Information for Staff   not updated for 2017

Volunteer at State Fair     not updated for 2017

General State Fair Forms      not updated for 2017

Complete 2017 State Fair Book

        Fair book as one document  in Word, as PDF  not updated for 2017

2017 State Fair Book Sections and Contest Materials

       General Information - Fairbook       not updated for 2017

       Communications- Fairbook, Contest Materials
       Expressive Arts- Fairbook, Contest Materials
       Family & Consumer Science- Fairbook, Contest Materials
       Horticulture- Fairbook, Contest Materials
       Natural Science- Fairbook, Contest Materials      
       Science, Engineering, Technology- Fairbook, Contest Materials     
       Contests- Fairbook, Contest Materials       
       Horse- Fairbook, Contest Materials, 2017 General Horse Show Schedule     
       Livestock- Fairbook, Contest Materials     
       Small Animals- Fairbook, Contest Materials       
       Dogs- Fairbook, Contest Materials       

Contest Sign Up - Contact your county office 

Understanding the Danish Merit System of Judging


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