Contest Materials - Expressive Arts

Expressive Arts Explanation Card (231-01) use for all Art (231), Cake Decorating (236), Ceramics and Pottery (235)  exhibits

Innovative Class Evaluation Sheet  310-02 - revised for 2018
Innovative Class Explanation Card  310-01 - revised for 2018
Celebrate Our World Explanation Card   998-03


Art Explanation Card (use new Expressive Arts Explanation Card above)
Art Project Evaluation Form (231-02 revised 12-14)
Original vs Non-Original Art Chart
   revised 3-2018

Cake Decorating

Cake Decorating Exhibit Explanation Card  (use new Expressive Arts Explanation Card above)
Cake Decorating Exhibit Evaluation Sheet   (236-01 2011)


Cast Ceramics Explanation Card (use new Expressive Arts Explanation Card above)
Cast Ceramics Exhibit Evaluation Sheet (231-02 revised 4-18)
Pottery Evaluation Sheet  (231-03 NEW 1-18)

Fiber Arts

Fiber Arts Explanation Card (261-01 revised 1-13), new fillable format (5-13)
Fiber Arts Exhibit Score Card (261-02 revised 2-02)
Felting Score Card (261-03  1-07)
Applique Patchwork Quilting Score Sheet (261-04 2011)


Leathercraft Explanation Card (new 6-21-18)
Leathercraft Evaluation Form  (251-02 revised 12-14)
4-H Leathercraft Fair Classes explained
Steps to Prepare Leathercraft Exhibit for Fair 2018

Performing Arts

Performing Arts Evaluation Sheet - New for 2017
Performing Arts Explanation Card - New for 2017


Photography Exhibit Explanation Card (241-01 revised 10-14), new fillable format not yet available
Photography Exhibit Evaluation Form (241-02 revised 8-18)
4-H Photography Fair Entry Classes Explained
Preparing your Photography Exhibit for Fair

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