United States Hispanic Leadership Institute (USHLI)


Since May 1982, USHLI has worked to empower the Latino community and similarly disenfranchised groups by promoting education, servant leadership development, civic engagement, and research. USHLI is led by Dr. Juan Andrade, Jr., one of only two Latinos in history to receive a Presidential Medal "for the performance of exemplary deeds of service for the nation" and "promoting leadership and civic participation," and the 11th Latino in history to be decorated by a U.S. President.

21st Century Leaders

Summer Internship

The 21st Century Leaders Summer Internship Program is a ten (10) week program that promotes grassroots community organizing and leadership development in key impact areas. The internship program will provide students with an opportunity to observe the dynamics of social change by working with leaders and elected officials in their community, registering voters, and attending public policy seminars presented by local, county, state and federal officials. Also, students will learn how to develop valuable communication and organizational skills. The student dedicates ten weeks to reaching his/her goal of registering 1000 new or restored voters, primarily Latino. The student must also continue to maintain contact with his/her supervisor at least once a week. The internship requires a mandatory training in Chicago, Illinois, May 19-20, 2016. The internship program will officially begin May 23, 2016 and concludes July 29 , 2016. The student must commit to the two (2) days of orientation/training and ten (10) uninterrupted weeks of the internship in order to be considered.

Students must submit a one-page essay about their past experience with voter registration, community involvement or leadership skills and two letters of recommendation. A one-on-one interview is also required. If selected, a contract must be signed, which certifies that the intern understands the requirements, program expectations and the basis upon which compensation will be received. Interns are also required to create a strategic plan, maintain weekly telephone contact and bi-weekly meetings with their supervisors, and submit a weekly progress report.



  • Requirements: Applicants must be college students enrolled for fall of 2016 at an accredited 2 or 4-year college or university, be in good academic standing, demonstrate involvement in either campus or community organizations, and at least 18 years of age. Recent graduates are also eligible to apply.
  • Program Length: 10 Weeks
  • Program Culmination: 2016 Annual Dinner
  • Compensation: Interns receive a stipend ($5.00 per registration) based on their ability to fulfill the required expectations
  • More Information: Please contact Adrian Calderon at acalderon@ushli.org.


About the National Conference

The USHLI Conference has become the premier Hispanic leadership conference in the nation, attracting a complete cross-section of our leadership community and involving all ancestry groups. Over 6,500 present and future leaders representing 40 states will attend various events throughout the four days.A survey of participants in 2017 found that 68% were 18-34 years of age, 62% were women, and 85% were attending or had already completed college. Most conference participants are or will become the most influential Hispanic leaders of their generation and will help govern our cities, schools, states and, indeed, a nation that will become 25% Hispanic during their lifetime.

This conference is an extraordinary opportunity for students and young professionals to meet recruiters, national policy-makers, and future employers. The conference brings participants together to develop and/or strengthen their leadership skills and to grow as servant leaders. Participants will hear nationally prominent, standing-ovation quality speakers and workshop presenters who are highly interactive and experts in their field.


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