Greetings, from your new State 4-H Program Leader!

I am honored to be stepping into the role of Program Leader for Extension 4-H Youth Development!  We are at an exciting stage of growth and opportunity in the Oregon 4-H program.   
I was drawn to Oregon, back in 1987, because the Oregon 4-H program had a great reputation for providing leadership for innovative & strong programs and having high quality & productive staff.  This is still true today.   I have served as a 4-H Youth Development agent in Washington (2 ½ years), Yamhill (17 years) and Marion (4 years) counties.  I have most recently served as State 4-H Youth Development Specialist (4 ½  years) in Family Consumer Science, Expressive Arts and Healthy Living, while serving as a County Leader in Polk and Marion counties. During this time, I have watched time and time again the successful partnership of staff, volunteers and youth working together to design, conduct, and evaluate great programs and new opportunities for youth across this state.  
My role as Program Leader is to continue to steward the program towards the best paths of 1) providing a welcoming and inclusive organization for Oregon youth and families, 2) creating the best environments for young people to “thrive”, based on current positive youth development practices, and 3) sustaining, developing, and supporting the highest quality, professional staff to provide leadership to the program.  
You can expect me to create an environment of positive interaction, growth and creativity, that is consistent with our mission, vision and goals of the 4-H organization. You can expect me to be strongly committed to the power of positive youth development. And finally, you can expect me to provide strong leadership, endless enthusiasm, and positive stewardship to the most amazing program for young people….the Oregon 4-H Program.
I look forward to working with all of you to make Oregon’s 4-H program the best it can be!

Pamela Rose
State 4-H Program Leader

Western Region Leaders Forum

Volunteers of all ages are invited to participate, network and learn in a new way. No matter where you live, or how busy your schedule is, these 4-H volunteer e-sessions are accessable to you. There is no fee to participate. We hope you will join us on January 27, February 12 and March 2, 2015. For more information.

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