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Is no joke!
Exchange "sisters" enjoying time together.
Exchange "sisters" enjoying time together.
Family hiking fun.
Family hiking fun.

Experience Japan without leaving home!

Open your home to an exchange delegate and open your lives to the world! Oregon families will have an opportunity to experience Japan by hosting an exchange delegate between the age of 12 and 16 for four weeks this summer. Delegates have limited English language skills, but they are excited to communicate and learn more about daily life in the U.S.

This summer, 41 Japanese delegates will visit Oregon as part of a 4-H exchange program. They want to live in Oregon not just be a tourist.  We are looking for families willing to share their lives and their friendship with a young person from another country. These youth want to experience American culture, make new friends, and improve their English by staying with your family.

The program is accepting applications for families who have a child close in age to the Japanese youth. Each Japanese visitor will be matched with a host family based on the host sibling’s gender, age, and interests. The homestays are for a month during the summer, but the experience will last a lifetime!

There are also opportunities to host adult chaperones for 2 weeks.  Families who host chaperones are not required to have children in the home.

Dates for hosting in Oregon:
LABO and LEX delegates arrive at host families:  July 21
UTEK delegates arrive at host families:  July 23
Departure date from host family:  August 17

Applications are accepted until all delegates are placed.  For best delegate matching possibilities, please apply by May 1.
For more information, visit http://oregon.4h.oregonstate.edu/japan%E2%80%94summer-hosting-program

Contact your County 4-H office or Chris McDonald, State Coordinator at chris.mcdonald2@oregonstate.edu or 541-737-1303



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