Oregon Flex delegate selected as US Department of State "student of the month"

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The FLEX program is sponsored by the US State Department to promote “mutual understanding” between  America and Eurasian countries.  They bring about 1,000 delegates to the United States each school year.  The delegates go through a rigorous application process with about a 2% acceptance rate.  The program requires them to be involved in the community/school and learn about US government.    Vera being chosen as Student of the Month nationwide, shows she took their requirements to a very high level and really made an impact!  Thanks to Vera for being involved in Harney county and the state of Oregon during her exchange experience.

There are FLEX delegates available for  the 2014-2015 school year.  If you are interested in hosting please contact your local 4-H office or Chris McDonald, State Coordinator, at 541-737-1303 or chris.mcdonald2@oregonstate.edu  immediately.  Families or individuals are welcomed to apply to host.  They  do not need to have a host sibling close in age to the delegate.  Delegates are given their own spending money.  Families need to provide three meals a day, a bed for the delegate,  and a commitment to including them as a member of the family for the school year (or split with another family in the same school area).     It’s a fantastic opportunity to learn about the world and share American life with an engaged,  motivated youth!

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