Following are resources available for use by faculty, staff, and volunteers regarding inclusion of LGBTQ+ youth and adults in 4-H. OSU has two Centers that provide information and guidance for accommodating and assuring that LGBTQ+ youth and adults feel welcome in 4-H. They are:

  • “SOL” is a metaphor not an acronym. “Sol” is the Spanish word for sun. Like the sun, SOL: LGBTQ+ Multicultural Support Network acknowledges the intersection of all identities. We focus particularly on the intersection of sexuality and race/ethnicity. As the sun shines on us all, SOL’s purpose is to provide support for all of the intersections of identity.
  • The Pride Center is a resource and a safe space for all members of our community to explore aspects of sexual orientation and gender identity in an open and non-judgmental atmosphere.
    • This PowerPoint presentation was provided by Cindy Konrad, Director, OSU Pride Center, to faculty and staff via webinar in February 2016. It discusses using common language and focuses on ways to talk with volunteers about LGBTQ issues.
    • The first thing that is needed when discussing LGBTQ+ issues is a common language to help with conversations. Following are some resources, that complement the PowerPresentation, that will help with language and conversations:

These are additional webinars, educational programs, research articles, and speakers on LGBTQ+ topics:

Additional documents that may be helpful:

There are a number of legal issues that come up with this topic. Here are some resources that may be of assistance:

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